"What's human and what's artificial? This question is becoming increasingly related to our bodies and fashion designer Kay Frank tried to translate into a collection of womenswear.

Taking her cue from reconstructive surgery experienced in first person, Kay Frank presents her graduate collection for Spring 2014 at the Pratt Institute in New York.

The theme of the connection between the real (human) and artificial (prosthesis) is very complex, but Kay plays with this contrast and interprets it in every stage of the creative process: shapes, silhouettes, construction and color palette.

A central aspect of the collection is the development of fabrics. The initial silhouettes were defined by combining the images of MRI scans with sketches traced by robotic arms, in particular by the i-LIMB, currently the most advanced artificial limb.

Materials play a fundamental role in determining the clothing experience and the confidence of whomever is wearing them. Cold materials such as liquid PVC are in contrast with warm skin, while layers of transparent vinyl are alternated with neoprene wool or microfiber."